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Book Vending Machines not only inspire and motivate children through their positive behavior, academic achievements, and attendance, but they also seamlessly integrate literacy with interactive engagement.

School Vending Solutions Machines

  • Can store over 100 books in varying sizes.
  • Engage the entire community with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • Explore fundraising options tailored for your school.

Features of this Machine

  •  Includes 100 Gold Tokens
  • Adjustable shelving to fit your needs
  • Delivery guaranteed


How much does a machine cost?

Book machines are priced between $6,000 and $7,000. Along with a comprehensive program outline, we offer customization options and warranties. Reach out to us by phone to receive a personalized quote tailored to your unique requirements.

What is the estimated delivery time for our machine once the order has been placed?

You should receive your machine within 6 to 8 weeks from the date of placing your order.

How is the machine serviced?

Our service department is fully equipped with field technicians who are trained to help you handle any machine-related issues promptly and professionally. In addition to our expert team, we offer a range of informative video resources to assist you in troubleshooting common questions and concerns. For added peace of mind, don't forget to explore our extended warranty options to ensure your machine is protected.